Soil’s Alive - What is the ideal fungi:bacteria ratio?

Event Overview

Soil’s Alive - What is the ideal fungi:bacteria ratio?

Hosted by Mid Lachlan Landcare

The integration of your soil's microbiome into natural capital management is a crucial aspect of sustainable land management practices. By understanding the complex relationships between microorganisms in the soil and their impact on ecosystem functions, we can better manage our natural resources for long-term benefits. 
But then what?  Once understood, how to we measure and manage such a complex, dynamic system and how do we know when we've achieved the ideal balance?

Join us as we present data from our recent soil microbiology survey of the Mid Lachlan Region.

During the morning we’ll cover:

  • The soil microbiome and its role in natural capital management
  • The diversity in soils within the Mid Lachlan Landscape
  • A pragmatic approach to measuring soil microbial activity

We'll be joined by:

Andrew Wooldridge from the NSW Government's Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water.

Ian Packer - Soilpack Services

Sharon Cunial - Biodiversity Conservation Trust 

Leonie Coleman - Natural Capital Management at Local Land Services.

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This event is possible thanks to the shared work of the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust and Landcare NSW under the Private Land Conservation Matters project.


Date & Time

When:  Jul 19, 2024 from 09:00 to 13:30 (ET)
Associated with  NSW


NSW DPI - Cowra Agricultural Research and Advisory Station
296 Binni Creek Road
Cowra, NSW 2794
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