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Danielle Packer
on December 17, 2021
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[page=2771]Cattai Hills Environment Network[/page]
On behalf of CHEN, I went to teach two year 3 classes at St Madeline's Primary about the discovery and the conservation efforts a group of community members within this organization is doing to help our small platypus population in the Hills Shire to survive and thrive!
The kids were very excited and interested in this topic, as they had been previously been learning about national parks, conservation, and water health. Some kids had even seen a platypus on their parent's property!
The kids not only got to learn about the work CHEN is doing but they got to look for water bugs IN CLASS, searching for them amongst the leaf litter, using magnifying glasses to identify what they are. They also got to do a habitat assessment of the creeks in their area, looking at the different creeks and identifying whether they looked fit for platypus.
These kids are our future and helping them understand the impacts we have on our environment and wildlife is imperative to find sustainable and resilient solutions that protect our natural environment indefinitely into the future.
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