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Rowan Reid
Can forestry - the act of growing and harvesting timber - be an act of Landcare? Of course I think it can but it means changing the way we do forestry and landcare.
Check out our story of @BambraAgrofo...View More
Mick Taylor
The Australian Good Meat team are on the road capturing some of the great work being done by red meat producers across Australia to create a more sustainable industry. Caring for land, the environment...View More
Mick Taylor
Talking all things livestock profitability at an upcoming @AusLandcare workshop.
For growers in the Mid North of SA interested in taking a closer look at profit of livestock vs cropping enterprises. M...View More
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shared a few photos - at Gap Park
Bushcare Woollahra
Its that time of year again our Bushcare team is out data logging and tagging our threatened Sunshine Wattles as part of their recovery plan.
Sunshine Wattles now have a new officia...View More
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Alexander Barnstone
This is so beautiful!!!
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Landcare Australia
Have you registered as an Online Delegate for this upcoming National Landcare Conference?
If you haven't, here are some easy steps you can take to make sure you see all the happenings!
https://support....View More
Alison Swain
Australia is littered with eroded gullies caused by post-colonial land clearing and overgrazing by hard hoofed animals. Back to Country feel both proud and obligated to be a part of this journey of h...View More
Alexander Barnstone
This is so beautiful!!!
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Alexander Barnstone
This is so beautiful!!!
Like June 17, 2021
Mick Taylor
The Future Drought Fund’s Networks to Build Drought Resilience program is offering grants to help provide agriculture-dependent communities across remote, rural, and regional Australia with the opport...View More
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by October 22, 2020
As part of the Victoria Nature Festival and the Day By The Bay Festival, Bellarine Catchment Network presented a Virtual Beachcomb to show people how to easily identify some common beach artefacts found on bay beaches. This event was steamed live and a recording can be found here:  Bellarine Catchment Network have also created a poster that is free for anybody to use at home, at school or when they are on the beach. This poster features some...
by October 15, 2020
The Geelong region is home to picturesque coastal and country areas which form distinctive landscapes and habitats for people, plants and animals. Keeping these areas free of litter is important to everyone, and our region fortunately benefits from many active volunteer groups and organisations whose focus is keeping our natural areas litter free and healthy. Many residents volunteer their time to participate in clean-ups and citizen science projects which seek to understand the type and source ...
by October 9, 2020
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In the last few months, here at Bellarine Catchment Network, we have been creating a series of videos to keep you engaged and excited about volunteering in nature. The most recent video is about revegetation; why you would do it, where you would do it and how. Hear from Matt and Sophie as they show you the benefits of restoring natural habitat. Learn how to plant a tree and how you can give it the best chance of survival using the correct methods of revegetation. Some tips to remember are: ...
by August 20, 2020
Bellarine Catchment Network have been finding ways to keep our local community engaged during these tough times. We have developed a series of environmental action videos to teach our community members new skills and get them ready for volunteering when safe to do so. The second video of the series features Biodiversity Officer Lachie as he show you how to identify some of the more common pest plants found in Coastal Moonah Woodland, a threatened plant community. Lachie will show you some of ...
by August 13, 2020
Each year, Bellarine Catchment Network facilitate more than 15 environment days for primary, secondary and tertiary schools in the region. These days normally including revegetation activities, litter audits, beachcombs, birdwatching and more. This year, things are looking a little different! 🌿 We have just finished creating 3 remote learning resource packs for teachers to use with their classes across our region. The topics include litter and water, wetlands and biodiversity and there are mo...
by July 10, 2020
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July is a special month for Bellarine Catchment Network. One of the biggest issues we tackle is litter, and Plastic Free July is the perfect opportunity for us to educate the community on how they can reduce their plastic consumption. The best way to start on your plastic free journey is to ditch the "big 5" including: ...
by June 18, 2020
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Whilst we have all been #stayinghome to protect our community, Bellarine Catchment Network have come up with an innovative way ​that students and environmental volunteers can stay connected to the environment. The not-for-profit environmental organisation will be releasing a series of ‘Environmental Action – A Practical Guide' videos showcasing environmental action and information that can contribute towards local conservation. View the first video here:
by December 17, 2019
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The Clifton Springs Curlewis area is a hidden gem in Geelong, filled with stunning waters, sandy beaches and iconic views. To protect all this beauty, a new Coastcare Group has formed to conserve the values of this section of coastline for future generations. The Clifton Springs Curlewis Coastcare Group held first meeting during December 2019 and elected an interim volunteer committee of management. Over 2000 Coastcare groups currently exist in Australia with the aim to protect and conserve t...