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by Published on August 31, 2018
Thanks to a new project funded by the Australian Government, sugarcane growers in Queensland will be able to demonstrate the sustainability of their sugar production, using the same innovative technology behind digital currencies like bitcoin to track sugar throughout the supply chain.

The Queensland Cane Growers’ Organisation and Queensland Sugar Ltd are partnering to undertake the Sustainable Sugar Project, with $2.25 million of funding coming from the Australian Government’s Smart Farming Partnership grants.

The four year project will introduce blockchain technology to sugar farming. Blockchain is an encrypted chain of data, which cannot be tampered with, that can be used to authenticate the origin of anything from digital transactions to produce.

Being able to see the origin of a sugar product, including details about the farm’s sustainable practices, will give big sugar buyers confidence that they are supporting sustainable farming.
Authenticating the origin of sugar products can help support sustainable farming. Source: Thamizhpparithi Maari.

It is important for Australia’s agricultural industries to be on board with the plans of their customers. For instance, Coca-Cola is planning to use 100 per cent sustainable sugar by 2020.

The final consumer at the end of the supply chain will be able to buy products off supermarket shelves knowing that their dollars are going to a sustainable industry.

The verifiable blockchain data will give farmers the recognition they deserve for farming sustainably.

Australian sugar products will also be given a competitive edge in the export market.

The Sustainable Sugar Project aligns to the Smartcane Best Management Practice (BMP) system, a voluntary program that sugarcane growers can get on board with, that aims to improve soil health, vegetation and biodiversity everywhere sugar is grown.

The Sustainable Sugar Project is one of 15 projects receiving funding in the first round of Smart Farming Partnerships.

The first round saw just over $27 million of grants awarded to Landcare, farming, and community groups, Indigenous organisations, universities, research and development bodies, and technology groups.

The funded projects are ambitious and innovative, and will benefit farms across Australia.

For more information on Smartcane BMP, visit To learn more about Smart Farming Partnerships, visit
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