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Dr Shane Norrish, CEO Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia chief executive officer, Dr Shane Norrish

Technological innovation offers enormous potential in land management. Emerging technologies are helping farmers and Landcarers to adapt to the continuous challenges they face in managing our country’s natural resources, with positive results.

Investing in technology, and how we use it, offers an opportunity to better understand changes in the landscape and ultimately become better stewards of our land. When used effectively, technological innovations can help us to work smarter and more sustainably.

In this issue of Landcare in Focus, you’ll hear from Landcare groups, researchers and natural resource management organisations about how they are using or adapting technology to sustainably manage our natural resources.

Remote sensing and advances in automated drones are helping farmers to improve irrigation practices, reduce water use and maximise crop harvest. Machinery automation is helping manage weeds far more efficiently in sugarcane, horticulture and cotton crops, reducing herbicide volumes and lifting farm productivity. Wearable sensors are providing practical ways for the livestock sector to reduce their environmental footprint. And electric fencing is protecting the survival of an endangered Australian species.

It’s encouraging to read about the work being undertaken across the nation to tackle important agricultural and environmental issues. Taking the time to consider how new techniques or technology can be adapted to improve our own natural resource management and agricultural practices may well assist to ensure our landscapes and communities improve their resilience and secure a strong future.

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