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by February 24, 2020
  Against all odds...a Sea Turtle Survival Story ...
by December 16, 2019
Sydney, Australia, is a global city, blessed to still have areas of remnant natural bushland scattered throughout its suburbs. When Captain Cook first sailed into Botany Bay in 1770, the biodiversity would have been spectacular and even to this day there is a far greater diversity of plant species within the city boundaries than exist in the entire United Kingdom. Some incredible wildlife still occurs here too. The problem is that bushland areas are extremely sensitive to invasive weeds and can ...
by July 25, 2019
A holistic approach to environmental education: How to foster ongoing environmental stewardship in the community.        Bellarine Catchment Network engages the wider Bellarine Peninsula community through a variety of programs and opportunities that facilitate re-engagement and behavioural change. Their goal is to continue delivering integrated community driven projects that protect and enhance the environmental values of the Bellarine. ...
by January 8, 2020
Alby Wooler and a group of friends formed the Capricorn Coast Landcare Group in 1987. Alby was also the person who launched the Junior Landcare programme in 1997 in local schools around the area; a programme that has since spread not only nationally, but also globally. In 2005 he received the Queensland Individual Landcare Award, and was runner up in the National Individual Landcare Award. In the same year he was voted Livingstone Shire Council Citizen of the Year, as well as receiving the Queen...
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Angeline Poole
by Published on March 20, 2020

On Saturday 29th of February eight new Caring for our Bays Hero bin decals translated  in Languages other than English were launched at the 2020 PakoFesta Multicultural Festival. Over 100 000 people attended the event and saw the new installations.



The messaging aims to increase awareness and stewardship of the local environment by connecting meaningfully with the diverse range of cultural groups who reside in and visit Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula. The eight languages include Mandarin, Croatian, Italian, Karen, Vietnamese, Greek, Arabic and Wadawurrung.



The signage reminds the public to be a 'Local Hero' and do the right thing: 'put your rubbish in the bin'.  Information posters for these eight species showcasing why they are special, threats to their survival and how you can help to conserve them, are also being distributed to schools throughout the Geelong and Bellarine region to increase multicultural engagement and understanding of these Bay Heroes.


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