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Matt Crawley
by Published on May 20, 2020

The Ocean Grove Coastcare Group in conjunction with Bellarine Catchment
Network recently completed stage 2 of the Ocean Grove Governors Place
Coastal Alkaline Scrub rehabilitation project. This project funded by the City of
Greater Geelong and titled ‘Street to Sand’ has had significant community
groups and land manager collaboration. An area that had been overlooked for
many years contained high biodiversity values, but was invaded with weeds.
Through this project the weeds were addressed, fuel loads removed from site,
slope erosion control undertaken, wildlife corridors and connectivity established
and the biodiversity values projected and enhanced.

Weed control at the project site was a major aspect and challenge. Steep
uneven ground proved difficult working alongside Presidents Avenue. A major
initiative was the Traffic Control supplied by the City of Greater Geelong to allow
access along the road. Barwon Coast COM provided the truck to remove the
woody weeds from the site. Importantly not only did this improve the
biodiversity, but also Barwon Coast removed 16.5m3 of weed / fuel loads.

A project of this complexity could not have been undertaken without this
collaboration. Whilst this has made a significant difference to the biodiversity
values of the site, maintenance is the key going forward. In order for the site to
reach biodiversity benchmark (EVC Benchmark), the site will require regular
maintenance for the next 10 years. Significant weed regeneration occurs after
the initial control due to removal of competition and access to light, space and
nutrients. Therefore the follow up is critical to ensure efforts and resources are
not lost into the future.

For More information:
Matt Crawley
Program Manager
Bellarine Catchment Network
Email: | Mob: 0417 231 853
For More information:

Margot Busch
Ocean Grove Coastcare Group

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