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Peter Arthofer
by Published on October 20, 2020

The Burdekin RALF recently hosted Darryl Hill at Woodstock for a soil save erosion control workshop. Darryl has likely lost count of how many workshops he's done, and the solid turnout demonstrates his expertise is still in demand. Following a session on the theory of erosion and surveying techniques, we travelled to a nearby property to survey and implement erosion remediation features. A grader is Darryl's preferred machinery, so he was surprised to see an excavator whe nwe got to site. Darryl was sceptical at first, as it would be a test to see if the excavator could be used effectively. However in the end, it was a no contest! Drawing on years of experience, the operator Ty constructed a neat woah boy in similar time to a grader!

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Peter Arthofer
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Peter Arthofer
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