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Matt Crawley
by Published on October 22, 2020

In 2019/20 the Bellarine Catchment Network, in partnership with the CFA and Borough of Queenscliffe commenced work on fuel and weed removal in the Coastal Moonah Woodland (CMW) area in the Narrows Queenscliffe.  Listed as Vulnerable under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, the CMW was under threat due to the inundation of Polygala myrtifolia or Bellarine Pea. 

A sustained effort of weed control, using various techniques and involving local school and community groups was implemented with significant results.

Bellarine Pea is a significant weed and fuel load in the Queenscliff township area.  This threatens biodiversity and is a risk to community and assets.  The systematic removal of this weed has been the priority of Stage 1 and the results have been significant. 

Pre and Post Photo Point Monitorins show the reduction of the invasive weed.  Follow up maintenacne will be the key in encouraging regeneration of indigenous species.


The weed and fuel load has not only been grubbed out, but the entire fuel load has been removed from site.  This reduces fire risk to the threatened vegetation community, but also to the neighbouring town, assets and infrastructure of Queenscliff.  Support from schools such as Bellarine Secondary College and  the Working For Victoria Program has assisted greatly with this project.

A number of control techniques have been trialled and the results of these will be showcased in a follow up story post.  For more details and a full report email Bellarine Catchment Network at info@bcn.org.au


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