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2021 State of the Environment report 

27 days ago

The 2021 State of the Environment report (SoE 2021) provides an independent, comprehensive and evidence-based assessment of the state of Australia’s environment.

SoE 2021 is co-authored by some of Australia’s most respected environmental scientists and experts, and led by a diverse group of co-chief authors who bring their own expertise and perspectives to the report:

  • Dr Terri Janke, a Wuthathi/Meriam woman and an international authority on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property
  • Professor Emma Johnston, a leading authority in marine ecology
  • Dr Ian Cresswell, an expert in biodiversity and landscape management science.

SoE 2021 covers the current state, pressures, impacts, management, and outlook for 12 environmental themes: Air quality, Antarctica, Biodiversity, Climate, Coasts, Extreme events, Heritage, Indigenous, Inland water, Land, Marine and Urban.

Author: Australian Government, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.



Every 5 years the Australian Government conducts a comprehensive review of the state of the Australian environment.

National SoE reports provide information about environmental and heritage conditions, trends and pressures. They cover the Australian continent, surrounding seas and Australia's external territories.

The purpose of the State of the Environment report is to:

  • provide a strategic view to shape policy and action
  • engage with users to influence behaviour
  • assist with assessing our interventions as stewards for the Australian environment using the principles of collaborative partnerships to combine science, traditional and local knowledge.


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