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Recovering after bushfires – what role can Landcare
Chris Cobern from the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network in Victoria was heavily involved in the recovery efforts following the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. He worked with local communities, government, and volunteers for many years to help the landscape heal and recover. In our upcoming webinar C...
by on July 8, 2020
Begin in 14:00 August 04, 2020 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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An integrated approach to community land management
Bellarine Catchment Network is situated on the stunning Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, and has been operating under an integrated catchment management structure for more than 20 years. The BCN team works with 30 community groups and organisations from Coastcare to Landcare groups, bush regene...
by on June 25, 2020
Begin in 14:00 June 25, 2020 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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Creating meaningful outdoor educational experience
Our very first Junior Landcare webinar with Mary Bell - Creating meaningful outdoor educational experiences - goes live on Thursday at 12 midday (AEDT). Are you ready? Mary has worked in environmental education for many years, and is really looking forward to chatting to you. She’ll have s...
by on May 8, 2020
Begin in 16:30 May 07, 2020 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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Making digital tools work for your group
Have you ever looked into digital tools to help your group’s work only to be completely confused by everything on offer? In this webinar, run through the Landcarer platform, Megan Rowlatt from Intrepid Landcare will talk about her experiences with digital tools, what worked for her and the gro...
by on November 27, 2019
Begin in 11:55 November 28, 2019 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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How to set up a campaign on Fund Landcare
This exclusive webinar is designed to support the Landcare community and to show how to set up a successful project or event on the new Fund Landcare platform and how to raise funds for your Landcare group....
by on December 19, 2018
Begin in 14:30 December 18, 2018 (GMT+10:00) Sydney
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