Results in from the Great Australian Wildlife Search!

By Claudia Macleay posted 14-06-2024 14:32


I am thrilled to share the incredible journey we've embarked on with the Great Australian Wildlife Search! In a vibrant fusion of community spirit and cutting-edge science, our Central Tablelands Regional Landcare Network, in partnership with the Odonata Foundation, has taken on this exhilarating expedition. Thanks to the generous support of the Murray–Darling Basin Authority, our teams are exploring the waterways of 18 diverse sites using environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring.

Every creature, from the majestic Murray cod to the humble eastern mosquitofish, leaving behind tiny bits of themselves like a biological breadcrumb trail. These traces, found in things like skin cells and other excreta, mingle in the waters, waiting for our scientists to scoop them up and decode their secrets. This isn't just fishing for fish; it's fishing for data!

You can check out all the results on the webpage! Great Australian Wildlife Search

Our incredible local Landcare volunteers and coordinators are the true champions of this project. Their dedication not only illuminates our region's ecological narratives but also contributes to the broader knowledge of Australia's rich biodiversity.