About Landcarer

About Landcarer

The place to expand your landcare knowledge, skills and resources

What is Landcarer?

Landcare’s greatest asset is its people - coming together in community to share knowledge and form meaningful collaborations to tackle environmental issues.

Through its tools for learning, engagement and interaction, Landcarer helps landcare and other environmental community groups, to share and expand their knowledge, skills and resources.

It’s a purpose-built FREE online community platform tailor-made for Landcare. Its user-generated repository of content forms highly relevant and valuable education resources.
  • Build capacity for landcare and other environmental community groups
  • Educational tool
  • Enable skill building and professional development
  • Knowledge sharing and resources
  • Collaboration opportunities

How do you use Landcarer?

You are invited to post content, and to explore and engage with content posted by other users.

There are three main post formats:

Access posts related to your State or Territory or through 12 Communities of Practice where the content aligns with special interest topics. You can also browse ALL Blogs, Discussions and Library entries, as well as view content by state or territory through news feed streams or search queries. Opting in to email updates will bring recent activity on Landcarer into your inbox.

Explore environmental events in your area, post your own events, and keep environmental observance days on your radar through the Events Calendar.

Collaboration Corner is the place to share and access tools, templates and best practice for collaborating (with local communities, First Nations people, local schools, other groups and more). You can post about collaborative topics such as properties available for project work, announce that you are looking for a property on which to conduct work, reach out to prospective project partners and more.

Find like-minded people to connect with, send private messages and maybe even contact outside of the Landcarer platform through search filters in the Directory of Landcarer users.

How do you access Landcarer?

Bookmark the Landcarer url and start exploring. You don't have to have an account on Landcarer to view information and resources that are flagged for public viewing. However, if you'd like to contribute content, comment and engage in discussions, then login with your existing Landcarer account or get your FREE account.

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Why use Landcarer?

Save time with a 100% landcare feed - designed specifically for you

Content on the platform isn’t diluted. Enjoy a helpful feed dedicated to landcare related information – from farming techniques to upcoming environmental grants. No ads or cat memes! On Landcarer you will be immersed in the exchange of knowledge from landcarers across Australia.

Access to relevant high quality content

Communities of Practice (aka special interest Topics) and tags make it easy to find resources and conversations that are most relevant to you. You can join as many Communities of Practice as you like and opt-in to receive email updates bringing recent activity into your inbox.

Collaboration opportunities

Landcarer provides opportunities for like-minded people to find each other and work together. Collaboration Corner is the place to co-design resources, post about project ideas and opportunities, and share outcomes and best practice around collaborative projects.

Gain broader perspectives and access a bigger knowledge bank

When you and fellow landcarers engage beyond groups, affiliations and geographies, everyone benefits from richer user generated content and broader perspectives. You can use tagging to further fine tune the information you are after.

Your data works for you, it’s not used to sell you things

On Landcarer, information you post is used to help you. How? The content you and other users generate creates a broad range of valuable assets ranging from best practice, educational resources, experience and insights, to thought provoking discussion on topical issues, showcasing of work, and celebrations of achievement. There's no advertising influencing how you see content on the platform. You'll see the communities of practice you subscribe to and the posts that you engage with and follow.

Expand your audience and further your communications channels

The content you post on Landcarer can reside on your organisation's website - there's no need for double up. Just copy and paste the url into your library entry, discussion post, blog article or event listing in Landcarer. This complements and amplifies your communications channels so your messages can be reached by a broader audience.

Customisable widget

A configurable widget allows you to integrate your choice of Landcarer content on to your own website.

The widget allows you to add dynamic content to your website similar to an RSS feed. The widget can be styled to match the look of your website. Once the widget is installed, fresh content will automatically populate through to your web page.

Use it to share conversations and resources available on Landcarer, and filter based on topics and information most relevant to your website audience.

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Who uses Landcarer?

Landcarer is for everyone

You may be new to landcare, or you may have been involved in landcare activities for some time, coming together with the Landcarer platform is a win-win for everyone. Sharing different perspectives and experiences helps the landcare community as a whole to expand, develop and make an impact.