Landcarer Mobile App

Download and start using the Mobile App today... take Landcarer where the action is

Landcarer Mobile App on Smart Phone - Personal Feed Displayed on Screen
Access Landcarer through the connect communities App - Look for this circle icon

How do I get the Mobile App?

Landcarer is accessible through the "Connected Community" Mobile App. The app is FREE to download and use. Scroll down for our ‘how to’ login guide.

Get it on Google Play Store - Click Here Download on the App Store - Click Here
Image of a person planting tube stock native grasses in a bush revegetation project

Use the Mobile App when you are out

Whether you're weeding, planting, exploring, surveying, studying or teaching... you can use the mobile app to showcase the good work you are doing, ask for help, give advice and be part of LIVE discussions.

  • Document and publish your project's progress in real time, post your successes, challenges and questions, while you are out in the field
  • Post pictures and updates from your group or organisation's events and campaigns in real time
  • Post your discoveries and questions while you are on-site, you don't need to wait to be back in front of your computer

How do I login to the Mobile App?

Once you have downloaded the app, open the app and follow the steps below:

How to login to mobile app - step 1

When you open the app for the first time you will see a welcome screen.

Enter the domain "" and select Next.

How to login to mobile app - step 1
How to login to mobile app - step 2

The app will open a login screen in your mobile phone web browser to authenticate your login.

How to login to mobile app - step 1
How to login to mobile app - step 3

Enter your email address and password, same details as you use to login to the website (if you can't rememebr your password, follow the prompts to reset).

When completed, select Login.

How to login to mobile app - step 3

How do I use the Mobile App?

Once you have logged in, you can access many of the same fantastic features you can on the website. See a summary of what you can access in the app below:

This is your "Feed"

Your "Feed" is personalised with content about topics or communities that you have joined, follow or have engaged with.
Diagram showcasing key sections of the main feed displaying in the Landcarer Mobile App - Sections highlighted include; access your inbox, search, notifications, user information, hashtags, Read More, Like, Comment, Topic/Community, Add New Content Button