Saving the endangered Greater Glider in the Burnett

By Misty Neilson posted 10-06-2024 13:21


Enhancing Habitats in Grazing Lands to Save the Endangered Greater Glider

Project Highlights - November 2023

Saving the Greater Glider: Boosting Conservation in Grazing Lands

In November 2023, we wrapped up habitat enhancement activities for the "Saving the Greater Glider" project, a community-driven effort focused on habitat protection and restoration to support the recovery of the endangered Greater Glider, especially in the Upper Burnett region. This project highlights how sustainable food production and environmental conservation can go hand in hand.

Enhancing Habitat and Educating Landholders

Our main goal was to improve the presence, abundance, and reproductive success of the hollow-dependent Greater Glider by tackling their main threats: lack of nesting sites and low landholder awareness. By creating more nesting opportunities and educating landholders, we aimed to ensure the gliders' long-term survival.

Key activities included:

  • Creating and distributing a comprehensive field and information guide: This guide provided practical tips and essential information about Greater Glider habitats and conservation methods. (learn more)
  • Workshops and events: These sessions helped landholders and community learn about the Greater Glider and how to protect their habitats. (download the presentation & view the recording)
  • Education campaign: Aimed at raising community awareness about the Greater Glider and the importance of conserving their habitats.
  • Citizen science initiative: Encouraged locals to report Greater Glider sightings across the Burnett catchment, aiding in monitoring efforts. (learn about sightings in the Burnett or contact us with your sighting by emailing:

Habitat Enhancement in Grazing Landscapes

A significant achievement of the project was enhancing habitats across 8080 hectares of grazing lands. We installed carved living hollows and nesting boxes at 11 sites, including pastoral lands and a mining rehabilitation site. These improvements have created essential nesting spaces, crucial for the gliders' survival and reproduction.

Ongoing Monitoring and Community Support

While the project officially concluded in November 2023, our work continues. We will keep monitoring the new habitats to ensure the Greater Gliders are thriving and to make any necessary adjustments. Community support remains key to the project's ongoing success. (learn about sightings in the Burnett or contact us with your sighting by emailing:

Funding and Sponsorship

This project was made possible through funding from the WIRES National Grants Program, sponsorship from Evolution Mining, and donations from Goondicum Pastoral Co. We are incredibly grateful for their support.

Looking Forward

The "Saving the Greater Glider" project demonstrates the positive impact of combining sustainable grazing practices with environmental conservation. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to protecting the Greater Glider and enhancing their habitats, ensuring these remarkable creatures continue to thrive in the Upper Burnett region.

Stay tuned for updates on our ongoing monitoring efforts and future conservation initiatives!

For more information visit: or contact

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@Misty Neilson Thank you for taking the time to share this fantastic project wrap up! This is exactly the sort of post that spreads inspiration to other groups & coordinators on the platform. Great inclusion of the photos & flyer too.

Look forward to hearing more about your work with Greater Gliders