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Our Values


Landcarers. Bushcarers. Coordinators. Coastcarers. Junior Landcarers. Farmers. Volunteers. Facilitators. You – the people – are the heart that drives the Landcare community to achieve everything it does. Whatever group you align yourself with, whether you’re protecting the bush or the beach, building biodiversity or nest boxes, Landcarer is for you.


Passion drives people to make the world a better place. It drives Landcarers to improve the health of their local communities – and it drives us! We are passionate about innovating and collaborating with you to create the online tools that will help Landcarers kick goals across the country.

Community and collaboration

Community goes hand in hand with collaboration. We are committed to fostering and supporting ongoing collaboration to ensure Landcarer has the tools needed to grow a connected, collaborative and dynamic online community.


Development doesn’t end. Existing technologies give way to new technologies. With your help and feedback, we will continually innovate to ensure Landcarer works for its community – now and into the future.


Landcare is all about contribution. It’s about giving of yourself to make a positive difference. We will continue to contribute - to conversations, to collaboration, to development, to innovation - and through this, we will continue to have an impact.

Our Environment

If people are the heart of Landcare, our natural environment is the soul. The Landcare community protects and cares for the land and water resources that sustains us – and we will work to develop tools that will help strengthen and connect this community.

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