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Guide to Soil Conservation Practices

By AndyDeen posted 09-03-2022 13:36


What makes soil so important?

Soils help meet societal needs, providing food, energy, and nutrients. They also help minimize the impact of climate change and promote healthy ecosystems. Below are two reasons why soil is so important:

  • Soil is home to many living things
  • Soil is key to the carbon cycle


Benefits of soil conservation

Soil conservation contributes to sustainability and offers the following benefits:

  • Improves soil quality and productivity
  • Optimizes water infiltration
  • Provides food and shelter

Soil conservation practices

Soil conservation is key to environmental sustainability: It helps protect natural resources and watersheds, restores habitats for plants and wildlife, improves water quality, and makes soil healthier. Soil conservation also creates economic opportunity. Productive and healthy soil helps farmers meet increased demand for agricultural commodities from a growing global population, driving economic growth.

  • No-till farming
  • Terrace farming
  • Contour farming
  • Crop rotation
  • Windbreaks
  • Buffer strips

To help fight climate change, farmers committed to sustainable agriculture, scientists, and researchers champion soil conservation, which promotes healthy, fertile, productive, and resilient soils.

Learn more in-depth information about soil conservation by reading this guide from Maryville University: