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Young people are taking the lead in making change happen in their community

By Annette134 posted 18 days ago

We live in times of uncertainty and change. Bombarded on a daily basis with information about the state of the planet, it’s no wonder young people can feel overwhelmed and unsure on how to make a meaningful difference.

At present, Australia is facing some of the highest species extinction rates in the world, as well as experiencing increased pressures on biodiversity and natural resources due to land clearing, development, climate change and land-use pressures. ​​If we are to reverse the damage that has been done, and ensure a sustainable future is secured for future generations, we need to act now. No generation feels or understands this more than youth. And we get that.

The good news is that there is plenty of opportunity to get involved and do stuff that matters for the environment. And there are many young people all over Australia (and the world) taking the lead in making change happen in their community.

The Landcare movement in Australia has been actively restoring the landscape for over 30 years. Landcare has remained one of the largest grassroots community movements where groups and individuals across Australia have a shared vision to restore and protect the environment in their local community through sustainable land management and conservation activities.

Young people are now bringing their own energy, passion and inspiration to Landcare, and working alongside their communities (or even starting new ones), to make a difference to the planet in their own unique way!

Not only are young people leading projects for more young people to get involved in, they are also addressing a range of issues young people face such as mental and physical wellbeing, social isolation, and access to safe and accepting spaces, as well as access to career pathways into industries they want to work in. They are creating opportunities for fun and adventure and connection to nature and exploring ways of learning more about Indigenous perspectives and connecting with Country. Using their unique gifts and talents, they have discovered that Landcare provides many pathways to make a difference.

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What environmental initiatives are you seeing from youth in your community?