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New AI-powered app set to transform weed management in Australia

By Centre for Invasive Species Solutions posted 15-12-2023 10:09


This week saw the launch of WeedScan - Australia’s first AI weed identification, reporting and management app!

It's free & easy to use – simply snap a photo of a suspected weed & upload to identify and WeedScan from the App Store or Google Play and get started today.

Funded by the Australian Government's National Landcare Program and developed by the Centre for Invasive Species SolutionsCSIRONSW DPI, the Atlas of Living Australia and the South Australian, Queensland and Victorian Governments: truly a team effort.

WeedScan in use

WeedScan is powered by a CSIRO AI identification model trained on more than 120,000 weed images and tested across Australia by scientists, farmers, community groups, agronomists, rangers, weeds and natural resource management officers.

It’s an identification, recording and alert system for over 450 priority and other weeds, backed by the latest management information to support cooperative weeds action Australia-wide. (Common garden weeds are not a focus of the app.)

If you would like to share any comments, please contact our National Coordinator via

Give it a whirl today and bring AI smarts to the fight against Australia’s priority weeds.