Queen's Jubilee Planting Trees Leaves a Legacy

By Luise33 posted 24-12-2023 13:08


Wow! What a year it has been for Springfield Lakes Nature Care Inc. in Springfield Lakes, Queensland.  Our small but friendly Landcare group & Bushcare group members, together with volunteers from all over Brisbane/ Ipswich and neighbouring Shires of Logan, Redlands & Ipswich helped plant 2000 trees in a year.  Originally, the work was to be done over a two-year period, but we were locked out of the Bushcare site during all of 2022 whilst Urban Utilities upgraded a large sewer trunk pipe that ran through the riparian corridor. Finally work began in April 2023 and our final planting occurred on 18 November just in time for the Summer Wet Season. 

Members of Springfield Lakes Nature Care, Bushcare, residents from surrounding suburbs volunteered to plant.
Speaker of the House - Federal Government, Milton Dick MP member for Oxley, (centre front left) Queensland Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Charis Mullen MP for Jordan, (centre right), Members of Springfield Lakes Nature Care, Bushcare & residents all lent a hand to plant & water trees.

So, it meant our super contractors, Cedar Grove Landcare, had to tackle a tobacco forest & balloon vines before any holes could be dug to plant the last 200 trees. This video celebrates the success of people coming together to complete the Planting Trees for the Jubilee project funded by the Federal Government.  

I managed to make the video using Clipart on my computer, attaching some music & photos taken. I'm definitely not a professional videographer; very much self-taught, so I created it to save $$.

Most of the funds for the project were used for on-ground work, buying plants, tree guards, stakes & preparing the site for planting.  I hope it inspires more people to get involved in #Landcare and who want to protect and restore sections of bush so that future generations of wildlife and humans can enjoy natural landscapes.  Without the funds from the federal government this work would have taken Bushcare members much longer to do.  Our Contractors  worked a total of 10 days, spraying weeds, filling water pods, drilling holes cutting, & removing lantana hedges, at 6 sites along Opossum Creek. 

These Lantana hedges were over 2 metres in height & 30 metres x  30 metres
Before  photo  1 small section of Lantana hedge approximately 2 metres in height.
The lantana chopped into sticks will break down  after 6 months for mulch.
After photo in section 5 (500 trees were planted in this section)
Please note:  there is still plenty of Lantana Hedge on the other side of the track. This has been left to provide habitat for little birds until the native trees & mid story under plants have a chance to grow.  
Thank you for sharing this article. 

Please check out the video & provide any feedback.