WHAT’S TO LOVE ABOUT MANLY DAM ? (Manly Warringah War Memorial Park

By Malcolm320 posted 13-08-2020 09:37


Save Manly Dam Bushland.


It boasts wild flower displays to rival anything you’d see in Western Australia (including 18 different native orchids)

It’s home to creatures so rare, that you'd not even see them at Taronga Zoo. (Sadly the Eastern Pygmy Possum was deemed to be locally extinct after the habitat of the small colony was recently bulldozed on bushland adjoining Manly Vale Public School..however a couple of EPP's have recently been found elsewhere).

Some of the more remote creeks are home to a remnant population of climbing fish thought to be 60 million years old. (The Climbing Galaxias)

It is a unique “Living” War Memorial- created by conserving and protecting natural bushland.

It is rich in Aboriginal cultural heritage. This was home to the Guringai people. The Manly town area was inhabited by the Cannalgal and Kay-Ye-My clans. The history of these tribes dates back around 20,000 years-older than Sydney Harbour.

It is the last lake in Sydney where you can still swim in clean, freshwater.

It contains six separate vegetation communities:- (Bloodwood-Scribbly Gum Woodland, Silvertop Ash-Brown Stringybark Forest, Peppermint-Angophera Forest, Freshwater Lagoon Swamp, Sandstone Heath, Sandstone Swamp).

It is blessed with over 100 bird species (including many of the increasingly rare wrens and thornbills that require dense vegetation to survive).

27 species of reptiles and frogs have been found at Manly Dam Reserve. Including the tiny Red Crowned Toadlet in the photo (as small as a 20 cent coin and only found in very limited places around Sydney).

The reserve acts as vital “green lungs” for Australia’s largest city.

It deserves to be protected.


We acknowledge that we are within the Traditional Land of the Garigal Clan of the Guringai Aboriginal People. We pay respect to our Elders past, present and emerging.