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You can hardly call it volunteering - the NICA Noosa River Rangers

By NICA623 posted 12-02-2020 15:41


We're the "eyes and ears" of the river, streams and creeks and have been for years now.  We're out in the sun, wind and rain, scooping up rubbish from near and very far - plastics, bottles, fishing line and anything else that finds its way there - the Coast Guard skip bin keeps a tally.  We check the water quality around the lower catchment, A- they said last year and the year before that, best around. We pull the weeds that don't mind the brine - asparagus fern, gloriosa lily, corky passion and the dreaded daisy (singapore).  We're winning in places - the river mouth Sand Island, 3 hectares all but cleared 7 years to the day, a blink in time.  Oh and we count the fauna too, our 15th season - the shorebirds are down again, but its a long flight here and easy to miss.   

Almost as old as most of us, our sturdy little tinny, the Pelican 1, quietly slunk off the trailer near 75 times last year - Cootharaba to Weyba to Laguna Bay, and most parts between - three to the boat plus rubbish, not much room. 

But it's not so hard - the early misty mornings - a lazy shag, a tail splash, the odd kayak and us. You can barely call it volunteering - the NICA Noosa River Rangers.