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Coastcare Week Group Stories: Kingston Beach Coastcare

  • 1.  Coastcare Week Group Stories: Kingston Beach Coastcare

    Posted 06-12-2023 09:30

    Kingston Beach Coastcarers

    Kingston Beach Coastcare was founded in 2000 to address a growing weed invasion. The group has been busy ever since its inception, driven by dedicated community members and the support of Kingborough Council staff and Landcare Tasmania. The group meets monthly to take care of the local environment and surrounds. In 2020, their efforts ramped-up after a 6-month pandemic lockdown, leading to noticeable improvements. ‘The Corner’ at Kingston Beach, initially overrun by marram grass and wild radish, has been transformed by the hardworking volunteers. The results have motivated the group to continue along the length of Kingston Beach over the coming years, including restoring and improving promenalinah/Browns River Saltmarsh and working on the Tyndall Beach Carpark Coastal Erosion Mitigation Project.
    Convenor of Kingston Beach Coastcare, Barbara Marshall, shares her top tips on how to get involved in your local community for this Coastcare Week: “Spend time on your local coast and notice how it’s doing. Does it need some help? Join forces with others in your local Coastcare community group or create a group if there isn’t one. In time, you will be able to collectively admire the positive changes your group has brought about, plus you will have made some great friends along the way.”

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