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2023 Kangaroo Island Agricultural Tech field day - it's back!

  • 1.  2023 Kangaroo Island Agricultural Tech field day - it's back!

    Posted 03-03-2023 12:12

    The KI Farming Tools and Tech Field Day is back after a three year hiatus due to devastating bushfires and a global pandemic.

    Organised by the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board and Agriculture Kangaroo Island this free event will run this Thursday, March 2, 2023 at the Cygnet River Racecourse from 11am to 8pm, to enable those with day-time work commitments to attend. 

    The KILB and PIRSA will host guest speakers from 5-8pm including:

    • Australian Wool Industry: Emerging technological advances in shearing and wool handling and how to evaluate what will suit your own operation.
    • Pinion Advisory: How to be the sharpest tool in the shed - insights and strategies into handling adversity.
    • IPM Technologies: Can I grow a high yielding crop with fewer insecticides?

    Bring your pesky insect pest along in a jar and guest speaker entomologist Dr Paul Horne from IPM Technology, will be available throughout the day to identify it and give advice about pest management.

    Dr Horne has visited Kangaroo Island several times in the past to work with farmers and help solve their pest problems.

    Almost 30 exhibitors from across Australia will be present to highlight the latest cutting-edge tools and tech in the agricultural world, including Daish Irrigation, Alpha Group consulting and ag drone operators Airborne Logic.

    The Australian Wool Industry will demonstrate the Catch and Drag Module to help ease the physical burden for shearers.

    Virtual presentations from AgriWebb, CiboLabs, P2P Agri, and MaiaGrazing will be shown twice during the afternoon.

    Food and drinks will be available throughout the day with the bar open until 8pm. Every entrant will go in the draw for a gate prize.

    For more information contact Venetia Bolwell on 8553 2476 or email

    This event is supported by the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board through funding from the federal government's National Landcare Program.


    Emily Mason
    Sydney NSW