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Burnett Koala Program - Citizen scientists aiding the regions first baseline dataset

  • 1.  Burnett Koala Program - Citizen scientists aiding the regions first baseline dataset

    Posted 11-12-2023 16:30
    Edited by Misty Neilson 03-01-2024 15:31

    The Burnett's first and only large scale koala conservation project super charged by citizen scientists.

    The Burnett catchment covers an extensive area (43,450 km²) - 25% larger than the South-East corner of Queensland, 2/3 the size of Tasmania and surpassing the land areas covered by European countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Denmark.
    Since its commencement in 2021, the Burnett Koala Program has contributed to 84% of all koala presence records and observation spatial data within the Burnett catchment. This extensive dataset not only enhances our comprehension of koala ecology but also serves as a crucial foundation for informed conservation strategies in the region and also aids State and Federal government initiatives such as extending South East Queensland Koala habitat mapping and assisting the National Koala Monitoring Program.
    Developing a baseline dataset of koala population dynamics and health via the DNA testing of scats
    Through the implementation of innovative and non-invasive techniques, such as DNA testing of scats non-invasively collected by the community, The Burnett Koala Program is now establishing the first baseline dataset for koala population dynamics and habitat health in the Burnett catchment. All with the power of citizen scientists!
    Supporting community in on-ground conservation
    This program is more than a data gathering exercise. It also engages community in koala conservation and supports them to led on-ground conservation efforts such as revegetation projects, road signage projects, community education and private land management activities.
    Burnett Koala Program - August 2023 Update
    Burnett Koala Program - August 2023 Update





    Misty Neilson
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