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  • 1.  Do you have a property in need of a project?

    Posted 19-07-2022 15:50
    Edited by MelanieH 26-07-2022 17:39
    If you have a property you'd like to make available for a project, please comment with your general location and a short description of what you have in mind.  

    Keep in mind that this content is public, so you probably don't want to list the address or provide too much information here.  Instead, your peers on Landcarer can send you a private message (or you can invite them to).  

    Check your inbox (click on your profile image and scroll down).
    Send a message (click on a user's name, then click on "Send Message" under their profile image.

    Melanie Hartley
    Landcarer Administrator

  • 2.  RE: Do you have a property in need of a project?

    Posted 06-08-2022 14:53
    Well, I will be first out of the blocks and hopefully encourage some other contributions.

    We have a 43h property near Wivenhoe Dam bordered by D'Aguilar NP on the west and north borders.  It is 1.5 hours from Brisbane.  It is a great example of notophyll old vine forest ("dry rainforest") largely untouched.  The property is serviced by a 4x4 track from a road up to 325m above sea level and besides a house also has a large garage and workshop for project materials.  Our cameras have caught various macropod, marsupial and mammal species but I am sure there are a lot more.  We even have the odd Koala visit the property.  Biodiversity is well represented.

    We have no preference for projects, but feel free to DM me with an overview of your project and we can determine whether our property would be a good fit.

    Andrew Taylor

  • 3.  RE: Do you have a property in need of a project?

    Posted 08-12-2022 17:45
    I have a 100 ha property in Nthern Victoria in Plains Wanderer country.  The property contains Native Grasslands, Grassy Woodlands, Red Gum Wetlands , Pine Buloke woodlands. Projects could be Native Grassland restoration or Grassy Woodland restorations.

    Peter Morison

  • 4.  RE: Do you have a property in need of a project?

    Posted 06-01-2023 17:18
    Hi there,
    I am a landowner in South West Victoria, between Mortlake and Warrnambool, with part of our land border the Hopkins River.
    We have 30 acres with a house. There are native trees in sections of the property. We really want to pull out the 100+ pine and cypress trees before re-vegetating half of the property with native plants. The hold up for us is the cost of removing the trees. Some are falling over now due to their age.
    Wondering if there is anyone locally who can assist.

    Liz Formby

  • 5.  RE: Do you have a property in need of a project?

    Posted 07-01-2023 14:42
    We have about 495ha bounded by 2 creeks at Winslow, Gunditjmara Country, the riparian areas need vegetation.. We have fenced off the creeks however have not revegetated the whole area and would appreciate help :)

    susan finnigan

  • 6.  RE: Do you have a property in need of a project?

    Posted 10-11-2023 14:10

    Hi we have a 25ha property (recently purchased) in Gippsland with 2 dams that have been eroded thanks to the farmer allowing stock to graze up to the dam edge. The property was also deforested and has been left pockmarked :( . We want to provide some shade areas for future stick and recegetate both dams sooner rather than later  as we have small blue wrens and willy Wagtails galore and would love for them to have more habitat. There are also Echidna and some wombats native around our property . It has been very badly managed and we are getting the neighbours stock of the property on the coming weeks . Any help appreciated. We are city slickers turned homesteaders 😁


  • 7.  RE: Do you have a property in need of a project?

    Posted 20-02-2024 12:34
    Edited by Nick Stephens 20-02-2024 12:35

    Deniz - Where is Gippsland are you. South Gippsland Landcare have been running a series of farm dam field days.