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Empowering Landslip-Effected Communities: 'Reclaiming Stability' Day

  • 1.  Empowering Landslip-Effected Communities: 'Reclaiming Stability' Day

    Posted 18-11-2023 12:52

    Empowering Landslip-Effected Communities: 'Reclaiming Stability' Day

    Source: Humanitix

    Discover, Learn, and Connect at 'Reclaiming Stability' Day!

    In the aftermath of landslips, finding stability can be a challenging journey. The floods of February 2022 resulted in thousands of landslips across the Northern Rivers, with countless landholders left with a forever-changed landscape in need of repair.

    Join us for a day of shared understanding and practical insights at 'Reclaiming Stability: Navigating Landslip Recovery Together.'

    🚀 Event Highlights:

    🎥 Exclusive Video Launch: Landcare NSW has created a series of Landslip Prevention videos to help landholders understand landslips, why they occur, and ways to remediate, with the aim of preventing future landslips - and they are being launched at this event!

    🔍 Meet the Experts: Got questions? We've got answers! Engage with a range of seasoned experts in landslip remediation during our in-depth Q&A sessions. Soil specialists, plant experts, and environmental engineers will be among the experts available.

    🌿 Inspiring Case Studies: Learn from the experience of other landholders who are navigating their own landslip recovery process. Learn from their experience and practical wisdom to inspire and inform your own landslip recovery journey.

    🤝 Connect & Collaborate: Forge valuable connections with fellow landholders who understand the challenges you face. Share experiences, and strategies, and find a sense of community.

    By coming together to share our landslip repair experiences we aim to help you reclaim your stability, empower you with practical knowledge, and broaden your connection with the landslip-affected community. Together, we'll navigate the path to a more secure and resilient landscape!

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