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Fire Ant Senate Inquiry - CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

  • 1.  Fire Ant Senate Inquiry - CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

    Posted 16-01-2024 17:37
    Edited by Gabrielle Stacey 16-01-2024 17:40

    Source: Australian Wildlife Society in partnership with Invasive Species Council

    In November 2023, fire ants spread for the first time from Queensland to New South Wales.  
    Over 95% of Australia is suitable for fire ant habitation, making us uniquely vulnerable to fire ant infestation.  Fire ant containment failures will cause dramatic population declines for birdlife, turtles, lizards, and small mammals and attack root systems of previously healthy vegetation. 
    Eradicating fire ants is the only way to remove the threat, but a lack of ongoing funding is impairing eradication efforts.

    A government review found it would take up to 10 years and at least $200 million annually to eradicate fire ants in Australia.  This investment would avoid environmental devastation and a $2 billion annual economic impact.  Unfortunately, funding commitments have only been made over four years until 2027.

    A senate inquiry has been launched into Australia's fire ant response.  The recommendations from the inquiry will form a basis of evidence for government decision-making on fire ant eradication.  We cannot afford fire ants and must speak up about it.

    Submissions are encouraged from organisations and individuals.  These can be a short letter to the committee.  Submissions can express support for ongoing eradication and call for a commitment to a 10-year eradication plan and an increase in funding as recommended by the 2021 review.

    Submissions to the senate inquiry close on 29 January 2024, and we encourage you to have your say.  In partnership with the Invasive Species Council, please find detailed information below and a draft email to help support your submission and make it easy to comment.

    Invasive Species Council Briefing Guide

    More Information on Fire Ants Here

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