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Hi from Post Office Hill Action Group, Chewton Victoria

  • 1.  Hi from Post Office Hill Action Group, Chewton Victoria

    Posted 13-12-2023 12:04
    Edited by Post Office Hill Action Group, Chewton Vic 25 days ago

    Hi all my name is Joel Bloom, I am currently the project coordinator for Post Office Hill Action Group in Chewton, Central Victoria.

    A little background on our group.

    Post Office Hill Action Group (POHAG) manages 22.6 hectares of public land on behalf of the community, with a focus on preserving the cultural and historical features of the Post Office Hill Reserve in Chewton VIC. We work to complement the natural regeneration of indigenous plants through weed control, improve wildlife habitat by installing nesting boxes and shelter plantings, and improve access for the general public.

    Djaara (Dja Dja Wurrung People) have lived and cared for djandak (Country) over many thousands of years on their traditional lands here, and there is evidence of this with rock water wells on the reserve. 

    The reserve was once covered in natural vegetation before being practically denuded during the 1851 gold rush. Thousands of enthusiastic souls from all over the world flocked to the Forest Creek diggings hoping to make their fortune. The land was up turned and folded on itself and left as 'upside-down country'. POHAG's work across the reserve encourages biodiversity to return to the landscape.

    We have recorded a large and diverse array of indigenous flora & fauna on the reserve and have recently been rewarded  by a threatened Brush-tailed Phascogale and her eight joeys utilsing one of our custom phasco boxes!

    Any interest welcome :-)




  • 2.  RE: Hi from Post Office Hill Action Group, Chewton Victoria

    Posted 14-12-2023 09:49
    Edited by Dianna Crisp 14-12-2023 09:50

    Welcome and thank you for sharing a bit about Post Office Hill Action Group. We hope you enjoy what Landcarer has to offer.