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It's Australian Pollinator Week! How will you bee involved?

  • 1.  It's Australian Pollinator Week! How will you bee involved?

    Posted 17-11-2023 15:29
    Edited by Gabrielle Stacey 17-11-2023 15:54

    What is Australian Pollinator Week?

    Australian Pollinator Week was founded by Dr Megan Halcroft, of Bees Business (, in November 2015. It followed on from a community project called "Bee Aware of Your Native Bees", which was funded by Western Sydney University and the Environmental Trust.

    Communities in the northern hemisphere have been celebrating the importance of pollinators since June 2007, however, the seasonal differences in the southern hemisphere has restricted bilateral celebrations.

    Australian Pollinator Week acknowledges our important and unique insect pollinators during our southern spring (November). It is a designated week when communities, businesses and organisations can come together to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators and support their needs.

    Through group activities, community members can learn and laugh together as they help to support our pollinators. By engaging communities in schools, retirement villages, art groups, gardening clubs, community gardens, local council areas, Landcare groups and neighbourhoods we can increase awareness and act on our increased knowledge.

    It's census time for Australian pollinators, and they need your help.

    The Australian Pollinator Count is taking place during Australian Pollinator Week, from 11-19  November.

    Taking part is quick and easy. You simply need to observe some flowers for 10 minutes, record the pollinators you see and register your results.

    Follow the three step process below to get started.

    1. Learn
    2. Test
    3. Count

    Find out more about the count HERE


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