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Northern Territory researchers successfully harvest native rice

  • 1.  Northern Territory researchers successfully harvest native rice

    Posted 25-10-2022 16:25
    Edited by Toby Davidson 25-10-2022 16:25
    As the world regularly faces a shortage of one of its most important food staples, scientists in the Northern Territory are looking take advantage of the rice that grows naturally across Northern Australia's wetlands.

    Researchers at Charles Darwin University recently achieved the milestone of successfully harvesting three species of native rice within the campus's nursery, after collecting it from flood plains along the Adelaide River, south of Darwin.

    Senior lecturer at CDU Sean Bellairs is leading the project, and hopes native rice - which has been consumed by local First Nations communities for "thousands of years" - will soon be on the menu of gourmet restaurants or on the shelves of specialist stores. 

    "We're particularly interested in supporting Aboriginal enterprises utilising the native grain and growing the native grain."

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    Toby Davidson
    Upper Macdonald