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  • 1.  Rainforest regeneration of larger areas

    Posted 03-12-2023 20:54

    I have a property that has 100 acres of covenanted weedy rainforest. I have spent the last 30 years naturally regenerating the bottom half with the help of a few grants that assisted in getting rid of the lantana and left me to do most of the followup weeding, 3-4 times in the year following the spraying of the lantana, 2-3 times in the second year, 1-2 times in the third year, and a walkthrough in the fourth year. There are still a few small weedy patches but most of the area now self maintains, and within the last few months an Albert's Lyrebird has moved into this regen area. The problem is that I am now 70 years old, and unable to do the same on the remainder of the area, which is also steeper. Although I am a recipient of the BCT annual grant of $15,000/year this is not enough to start a large project and keep up the necessary weeding. The BCT money is being used to continue maintenance of the bottom half and some of the riparian area. What I need is some healthy funding that will enable me to complete the regen before I die. Then it will look like a young forest rather than a weedy area. There are around 20 species of threatened plants on the property and approximately 10 threatened animals found so far.


  • 2.  RE: Rainforest regeneration of larger areas

    Posted 04-12-2023 15:01

    Where is this?  Sounds like n NSW?  If so, or border, I think ECOSIA have made this a priority funding area, especially for larger areas. According to what I read, covenanted properties have a better chance of getting a grant. Also, ECOSIA also provide labour (I think).  Have a look: