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  • 1.  Share your project ideas here

    Posted 19-07-2022 15:58
    Edited by MelanieH 26-07-2022 17:37

    "Everything begins with an idea."

    ― Earl Nightingale

    Melanie Hartley
    Landcarer Administrator

  • 2.  RE: Share your project ideas here

    Posted 25-08-2022 19:22
    Hi Melanie,
    id love to see a Landcare Year Book produced and printed annually as a follow on from the Landcare Awards.  It could be used to document and recognise the members of the National Landcare community and showcase the work they've done over the previous period.  If done well, it would be a means of connecting Landcare members, amplifying project impacts and encouraging collaboration across the country.  Award for those who innovate, and for those that scale up ideas could be featured so that encouragement is proved for both.  Finally, it's potential as a time capsule of work done each year is valuable in itself for our community.

    Robert Spittle
    Wonyip Heights p/l

  • 3.  RE: Share your project ideas here

    Posted 08-10-2022 13:35
    We're seeking property owners and non-profit landcare groups in priority Great Barrier Reef catchment areas (essentially the entire coast from the Wide Bay area north) who have gullying and severe stream-bank erosion that's sending sediment out onto the GBR.

    This would form part of a submission to the QLD state DES project DES1226934 - Streambank Remediation Program where projects valued between $1M and $3M to be delivered in those areas will be commencing from February 2023.

    We would handle the technical submission, gathering data and engaging relevant specialists (drone LIDAR surveys, soil samples etc.) but are as always actively looking for collaborators of all types too.

    ​Submissions are due by the 25th of November so if you have or know of a property or group who might be interested please send me a message so we can get the ball rolling in time.

    Jackson Richards
    AXIS Contracting Pty. Ltd.