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  • 1.  Survey for a Small Reforestation Project

    Posted 31-10-2023 15:09

    Hey guys!

    My name is Zach Searle, and I just joined pretty recently. I am currently a student in the Sapphire Coast completing his Y12 HSC, and have begun my Major Design in Design Technology and, as I am passionate about caring for our environment, I have settled on a project for aiding in reforestation. Dubbing it the "Bumblebee',  I am hoping to design a small drone that automatically plants seeds in provided mapped positions (according to where the landowners want the seeds planted). 

    However, this is no easy feat - especially for a boy with no past experience in electronics. 

    Therefore, I have been working hard towards making the project possible, and have just started by collecting general opinions to prove the need for the project (as well as collecting data to improve its functionality too) through a survey. If you have anytime, feel free to fill it out to help support the project! Thanks!


    Bumblebee - A Project to Aid in Reforestation

    PS: Sorry if you've seen this more than once! I've just been posting to multiple communities for more data! 


  • 2.  RE: Survey for a Small Reforestation Project

    Posted 01-11-2023 16:31

    Hey Zach, that's a great idea buddy.

    There are organisations who've recently developed similar tech - have a look at Airseed Technologies.