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  • 1.  The Great Cane Toad Bust

    Posted 27-11-2023 12:59
    Edited by Dianna Crisp 27-11-2023 16:35

    The Great Cane Toad Bust with @Watergum!

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    ane Toads are infamous in Australia, causing significant declines in native wildlife populations, poisoning domestic pets, and impacting local agriculture.

    With over 200 million toads in Australia and an ever-expanding range, it's time to make a difference!

    The Great Cane Toad Bust is Australia's only national toad bust!

    The event will run from 13th-21st January 2024 and is hosted by Gold Coast based not-for-profit, Watergum.
    With a uniquely Australian spirit, this competition encourages communities to take action on cane toads! 

    Effective cane toad control targets every life stage. Toad busting involves catching and removing adult toads, while tadpole trapping breaks the breeding cycle.

    This is critical, as cane toads can live for more than 10 years and produce up to 35,000 eggs each time they breed! 

    Every cane toad counts, and together we can have a massive impact. During previous Great Cane Toad Busts, we removed more than 50,000 cane toads! 

    How can you get involved?
    Watergum will be hosting a free webinar beforehand to help you brush up on cane toad ID and get ready!
    During the event, simply head
    out onto your properties and local areas to remove adult or tadpole stage cane toads from the environment! 

    Check with your local Landcare group to find community toad busting sessions going on in your area. After each busting or trapping, count your toads and humanely euthanise.

    Submit your toad data to the Watergum website
    to be in the running and add to the tally!

    For more information, visit

    Follow Watergum on Facebook to keep up to date!


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