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Updated Video: Landcare Impact on Tambo Bluff

  • 1.  Updated Video: Landcare Impact on Tambo Bluff

    Posted 07-09-2022 11:34
    "After ecological degradation continued at the hands of neglect, a small number of residents met, recognising the importance of preventing further land degradation to protect the remaining natural vegetation and raise the profile of the significant fringing wetlands. In 1993, the landcare group was formalized, a map was drawn prioritising future projects, and this vision has remained since."

    Small scale, big impact. The story of the Tambo Bluff regeneration by the Tambo Bluff Landcare Coastcare shows how massive change can occur even at the hands of a few local legends with a desire to care for the environment. As they prepare to celebrate their 30th anniversary, the group celebrates healthier environments, diverse flora and fauna, and an amazing legacy.

    Have you watched Glenda present the Tambo Bluff story? From the 2022 National Landcare Conference, 'The Dark Side of the Moon' video presentation has been updated! 

    Watch on YouTube here.
    Watch on Landcarer and view the presentation slides here.


    Emily Mason
    Sydney NSW