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Urban Rivers and Catchments Program 2023 Grant - Round Two Applications Open Now

  • 1.  Urban Rivers and Catchments Program 2023 Grant - Round Two Applications Open Now

    Posted 04-12-2023 17:59

    Urban Rivers and Catchments Program 2023 Grant - Round Two Applications Open Now

    Applications are now OPEN and will close on 13 February 2024.

    The Urban Rivers and Catchments Program 2023 grant round (round two) is now underway.

    For more information please go to:

    Projects will improve the ecological health of waterways in urban, outer urban and regional centres. As an open competitive process, only project sites located within the eligible boundary areas of program, and which meet the eligibility criteria, will be funded.

    A pre-recorded information briefing about the grant opportunity is available here

    About the program

    The $200 million Urban Rivers and Catchments Program is restoring the health of our urban waterways for native plants, animals, and local communities.

    Nearly half of all nationally listed threatened animals and a quarter of threatened plants occur in urban areas. They share these areas with 96% of Australia's population.

    Projects funded will help conserve native plants and animals such as birds, platypus and native fish. They will also improve access to waterways which provide for health and social wellbeing.

    As part of our Nature Positive agenda, the program aims to leave our environment in a better state and build resilience in a warming climate.

    The program will support projects that improve waterways in urban, outer-urban/peri-urban and regional centres areas by:

    • restoring and/or improving river areas, stream banks or aquatic habitats
    • improving water quality, water in the landscape, and waterway connectivity
    • improving urban green and blue space, water quality, and community access to nature.

    This will benefit native species, threatened species, and aquatic areas of significance. It will also benefit public health and help reduce urban heat-related impacts due to climate change.

    The program will fund projects including, but not limited to:

    • habitat and habitat 'corridor' establishment for native wildlife
    • riverbank revegetation, stream re-naturalisation, and chain of ponds/wetland creation initiatives
    • water quality improvement to benefit aquatic species
    • wetland creation to slow, filter and remove stormwater from aquatic systems
    • re-establishment of 'pathways' to support movements and migrations of aquatic native species through installation of fish 'ladders' and 'passage ways'
    • prevention of stormwater-sourced plastic entering aquatic and marine environments through installation of litter and gross pollutant traps.

    More about the Program Here


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