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Webinar - Birds (don't) Meet: Cats

  • 1.  Webinar - Birds (don't) Meet: Cats

    Posted 11-12-2023 16:13
    Edited by Gabrielle Stacey 11-12-2023 16:20

    Birds (don't) Meet: Cats

    Wed, Dec 13
    7:00 PM - 8:00 PM GMT+11
    Online event

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    Many people are bird lovers, but also love their pet cats!

    Join BirdLife Australia as we hear Estelle Van Hoeydonck, Conservation Campaigner at Zoos Victoria, and Dr Jess Cove BVSc (Hons), Senior Veterinarian - Department Leader (Small Mammals, Exotics & Wildlife) at RSPCA Victoria, as they discuss their 'Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife' Program.

    The session will touch on why it is much better for wildlife for cats to be contained, but also give tips and tricks on how to do that in a way to keep your cats happy and healthy. Keeping cats contained is better for the cats too!

    Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife is a joint initiative between Zoos Victoria and RSPCA Victoria. The program is building a community of cat owners who have the tools to provide their cat with the longest and happiest lives possible by keeping them safe and enriched at home.

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