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    Posted 19 days ago
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    Welcome to Landcarer

    We know the value that landcare and other environmental community groups put on the networking and educational opportunities provided through conferences and programs throughout the year.  

    To build on that value, we are excited to enter into this new phase of Landcarer, empowering you through this platform to connect, engage and share critical information and best practices in real time. 

    Landcarer is your connection to an incredible resource - thousands of your colleagues who share your challenges, uncertainties and successes. We hope you will find it to be a place where you can ask advice, share your experiences and build relationships.

    Landcarer will help you communicate more dynamically with your peers, enable quick responses to your questions and facilitate input on critical environmental issues.

    Through the twelve Communities of Practice, and Collaboration Corner, you can gather online to continue discussions, solve problems and share documents that will help the work everyone does in these important areas. This will only strengthen our collective ability to care for our natural environment.

    Thank you to the Landcarers who collectively posted insightful and valuable content items on the earlier version of the platform. These peer-shared resources form an incredibly valuable library of education resources and know-how – found all in one place.

    Landcarer is an evolving community.   We look forward to your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve it to better support the crucial work you do.


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