National Wattle Day

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What is National Wattle Day?

Source: Wattle Day Association Inc.

National Wattle Day is a formally proclaimed national day on 1 Septermber. Today it is a unifying day to celebrate Australia and being Australian.

We celebrate National Wattle Day because:

  • National Wattle Day includes everyone
  • Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) is our national floral emblem. It is a symbol that comes directly from our land;
  • Golden Wattle is a unifying symbol of Australia and Australians. There is no other symbol that says so much about us and our land, Australia and
  • Wattles are Australian with great diversity (more than 1,073 described Acacia species) and resilience like our people;
  • Wattle welcomes the spring, and is among the first plants to regenerate after fire, reminding us of the importance of renewal as it paints our national colours across our landscapes; and
  • All wattles remind us of Australia and Australians.

So join the national celebration of National Wattle Day – 1 September every year


Date & Time

When:  Sep 1, 2024