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National Feral Pig Action Plan
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The National Feral Pig Action Plan (NFPAP) is being developed in response to the many impacts that feral pig populations have on environmental, agricultural, cultural and social assets across Australia. The purpose of the NFPAP is to promote and support private and public land managers to work together in community-led groups to increase the effectiveness of existing efforts and use of resources to reduce impacts from feral pigs. It is aiming to do this through the delivery of effective, coordinated, sustained and humane best practice management to suppress feral pig populations. Since the commencement of the program in March 2020, the NFPAP has been engaging in a significant amount of stakeholder consultations to gain an understanding of feral pig impacts across the country. These consultations lead to two major initiatives by the NFPAP: National stakeholder survey Development of an Information Hub The national stakeholder survey, conducted in August-September 2020, was sent out through a range of networks and 776 respondents provided their feedback. This survey was held to seek stakeholder input into the Plan, gain information on the costs and impacts from feral pigs by land managers as well as understand what control methods are being used. The survey questions, its key outcomes, and full analysis can be viewed here. We have also launched an Information Hub that is housed on the NFPAP website.  The aim of the Hub is to showcase management activities and research programs that are underway in each state and territory, building a stronger awareness of the work being done on the ground to manage and reduce feral pig populations and their impacts.
Jess van de Weyer
Gold Coast Catchment Association
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The Gold Coast Catchment Association currently has two main roles: 1) We run our own programs, projects, workshops and events that help educate and engage people with hands on environmental work; 2) The Association is the umbrella organisation for community groups who are involved in the hands-on restoration, maintenance and protection of the Gold Coast’s natural areas.  Community for Environment!