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Hawkesbury-Nepean Landcare Network aims to grow, develop and influence the community and landscape. It hopes to grow and empower community action in landcaring including conservation on properties & reserves, small scale agriculture, school projects and regional projects. 

We connect our members with information for their properties and to a local group that matches their interests or we help them start their own group!

Couple of our projects and groups at the moment

  • Koala corridor across 13 _ properties in Little Wheeny Creek
  • Wetlands in the Hawkesbury
  • Recovering Our Bushland After Fire in Upper Hawkesbury
  • Wildlife in Macdonald Valley
  • Platypus Landcare - this is a Cattai Hills Environment Porject that we support
  • Western Sydney Dry Rainforest landholder resource
  • Farm it Forward - growing food
  • Fruit Trees 101 workshops
  • Platypus in Penrith  - supporting Mulgoa Valley Landcare
  • School House Creek Fish Habitat Restoration
  • Blue Mountains Shale Cap Forest project   - with Hawkesbury River County Council
  • Valley for Wildlife - caring for wildlife in Macdonald Valley

We support local groups and their projects, if you are in the region, contact us and we can help you find the right group!

Follow us on Instagram too @hawkesburynepeanlandcare

If you have a Landcare project or idea, feel free to reach out and ask us!

Katherine Clare

Local Landcare Coordinator


Location: Array