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Great story and great team.
by November 12, 2020
Gretchen and Vera and all the team. Peace Park sounds like it has a lot of special elements. You have done well to get the flannel flowers underway -they seem to thrive on neglect.
by August 21, 2020
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by February 24, 2020
  Against all odds...a Sea Turtle Survival Story ...
by July 25, 2019
A holistic approach to environmental education: How to foster ongoing environmental stewardship in the community.        Bellarine Catchment Network engages the wider Bellarine Peninsula community through a variety of programs and opportunities that facilitate re-engagement and behavioural change. Their goal is to continue delivering integrated community driven projects that protect and enhance the environmental values of the Bellarine. ...
by December 16, 2019
Sydney, Australia, is a global city, blessed to still have areas of remnant natural bushland scattered throughout its suburbs. When Captain Cook first sailed into Botany Bay in 1770, the biodiversity would have been spectacular and even to this day there is a far greater diversity of plant species within the city boundaries than exist in the entire United Kingdom. Some incredible wildlife still occurs here too. The problem is that bushland areas are extremely sensitive to invasive weeds and can ...
by August 3, 2020
"I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery - air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, 'this is what it is to be happy.' " Our addtion to Capture your connection competition. #landcareweek2020
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by August 26, 2020
We are excited to host Ian Smith on Wed 9 September, 7:30 pm via Zoom. Ian will present his PHD research on the importance of trees as habitat for beneficial insects - providing a win-win for landholder's hip pockets and the environment! Thanks so much Ian, for sharing your fascinating work with us! It ties in perfectly with our project to work with landholders to protect remnant trees and extend out through revegetation. A bit of background about Ian ... He is an entomologist with a backgrou...
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Bangalow Koalas Inc is a community group formed in 2016 to protect the village's unique koala population. What started as a handful of concerned neighbours determined to prevent a 400-metre stretch of 30-year-old koala food trees from deteriorating or being forcibly removed, has grown into and active, change-creating community group with over 100 members led by President Linda Sparrow. Bangalow Koalas is a registered environmental organisation, not-for-profit charity which has completed 34 pl...
by February 6, 2020
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After 30 years of caring for our own patch of Australia; clearing boxthorn & lantana; planting windbreaks with local native trees raised from seed in conjunction with Greening Australia & our kids local State School; destocking applicable areas for native vine scrub regeneration & water retention; changing our stock troughs to suit all forms of wildlife (plus cattle & horses) we decided to invite Land For Wildlife out to see if they thought we were doing all the right things before we advertised...
by January 30, 2020
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‘Tis grand when those extra good things happen along the way in a bigger project. In the middle of Queensland, in spinifex and red sand country straddling a splinter of the Great Dividing Range, as we fought to arrest weeds marching west over and into the inland plains of our ancient internal lake, the newly opened-up ground again became the feeding grounds of the Black-Throated Finch. When rains come again, the spread of Parthenium and Mother-of-Millions across the Mitchell Grass Downs and i...