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Caring for our land through drought resilience. 

26-08-2022 14:54

Drought is one of the many challenges faced by farmers today. It affects the productivity and profitability of farms and has significant social and environmental impacts. The changing climate is likely to mean more frequent, longer lasting and intense droughts. While Australian agriculture is in the midst of an exceptional rebound from the last drought, we know that the next one is not a case of if but when.

The impact of climate change on farmers, rural communities and the national economy is likely to worsen unless we continue to adapt. Preparedness and planning are key to building long-term viability in the face of drought.

In this presentation, Kimberley will show how the Australian Government is helping communities, rural leaders and land managers to become more drought resilient through social-based and landscape-based programs.

Presenter/s: Kimberley Shrives
Powerpoint slides: Caring for our land through drought resilience.


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