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Community Carbon and Conservation 

26-08-2022 14:42

The Community, Carbon and Conservation project focuses on carbon sequestration through biodiverse native plantings, with an emphasis on grassroots collaboration. Working with a group of progressive farmers, the project is currently underway restoring 550ha of marginal land through biodiverse carbon plantings with ecological restoration leader, Threshold Environmental. The project also encompasses 55km of protective fencing for the large-scale restoration sites, delivered by Gillamii and North Stirlings Pallinup Natural Resources (NSPNR), funded by the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program. With projects such as this one, marginal land can now offer farmers a new financial opportunity through diversified income, while also addressing on-farm environmental and production issues such as salinity, wind erosion and soil health. The presentation also explores the complexity involved and the need for community involvement in both the development and establishment phase of the project. Each farmer has a different motivation, succession plan and piece in the landscape which cannot be overlooked and needs careful consideration. The presentation outlines the need for increased industry education and awareness in regional communities. Competition among carbon service providers is strong, which means landholders have a range of options available to consider. Understanding the drivers of demand, limitations on supply and the associated risk is as important when making carbon farming decisions.

Presenter: Freya Spencer.
Powerpoint Slideshow: Community, Carbon and Conservation.


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