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Creating Inter-Generational Partnerships for Landcare Success 

27-08-2022 09:48

In 2019, Fern Creek Landcare received a Commonwealth grant to restore a bushland valley for Squirrel Gliders and develop a Community Engagement Program. The result saw the planting of over 1,700 tubestock across four-work sessions in difficult topographical and ecological zones and a great engagement of community. By uniting a broad demographic of individuals, Fern Creek grew its 20 person volunteer pool, mostly aged over fifty, into a strong multi-generational volunteer team of 400+ by December 2021.

This presentation looks at how Fern Creek successfully implemented the project by creating an effective intergenerational partnership, led by two coordinators. Gabrielle and Peter recount how the unlikely duo combined the Landcare experience and institutional knowledge of an older generation with the marketing knowledge and fresh perspective of a diverse younger generation — showing how intergenerational partnerships are the key to greater and longer-lasting Landcare success.

Presenter: Gabrielle Stacey, Peter Dalton.
Powerpoint slides: Creating Inter-Generational Partnerships for Landcare Success.
Additional Video: Peter Dalton and Gabrielle Stacey talk about their landcare partnership.


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