First Nations Knowledge

Cultural Land Management Panel 

29-08-2022 15:27

For many years, the Landcare movement has recognised the importance of Traditional Knowledge and expressed a strong desire to learn from Traditional Custodians. In recent years, cultural burning has generated strong interest in the wider community as a valuable tool to protect and restore the ecological condition of natural areas in many locations across Australia, with support to build capacity in local communities. However, there is a wide range of other cultural practices that are also of social and ecological significance, but not as well recognised nor widely adopted. Traditional Custodians were the first landcarers, and this panel will consider how Landcare more broadly can learn to respectfully and effectively integrate Traditional Knowledge into managing natural areas, and work more closely with Traditional Custodians.

Presenter/s: Liz Davis, Ricky Archer, Suzanne Thompson & Victor Steffensen.
Additional Video: Victor Steffensen, Indigenous Fire Practitioner, Firesticks.


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