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Genestreams Songlines Sculptures Tourism Trails Initiative 

27-08-2022 10:20

The purpose of the Genestreams Songlines Sculptures is to participate in the growing conservation initiative referred to as two-way Science which connects Indigenous cultural knowledge with Western science. These learn-scape environments focus on growing and caring for a green and connected future. Featuring Aboriginal and field naturalist artworks, the sculptures are based on an interactive phylogenetic tree educational program.

This program aims to help communities to comprehend and bring natural systems back into balance by visualising where in the geological time scale species within the same ecosystem shared common ancestry; by recounting the recent story of each species; by showing the status of each species; and by planning out recovery programs for natural systems into the future.

The presentation outlines the project and its vision that a combination of actual and Augmented Reality sculptures will form a national tourism trail, which will increase an awareness of the spiritual relevance of the song lines, ecological restoration, cultural restoration and how, through deep time all species are connected. Aunty Carol and Ben address how growing connectivity through community and personal participation, using online and on-country visual literacy tools, can lead to ownership and inspire action to build our preferred future to leave as a legacy for our children.

Presenters: Aunty Carol Petterson OAM, Ben Beeton.
Powerpoint Slideshow: The Genestreams Songlines Sculptures Tourism Trails.


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