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GLOBAL LANDCARE PANEL I Building Global Sustainability Through Local Self-Reliance - Lessons From Landcare. 

26-08-2022 16:06

The spread of Landcare internationally has occurred without any systematic co-ordination or scaling up strategy. Accounts suggest that the Australian model of Landcare has been deployed and adapted in more than 25 countries, many of these being low- or medium- income countries in the Pacific, South-East Asia and Africa.

This session will explore the emerging lessons from international experiences of Landcare inspired community action that facilitates improved livelihoods, economic development, participation, education, networks and gender equity.  Specific country scale lessons to be focused on through the discussion will include Bangladesh, Fiji and the Philippines.

In doing so, the speakers will discuss the integration of Landcare based approaches demonstrating how important investment into community and institutional capacity building is to enable adoption and adaptation of sustainable practice change for agricultural land use and the natural environment.

The panel features a diverse range of speakers and experiences that will outline the efforts and emerging lessons in promoting Landcare internationally from grassroot organisations through to formalised research for development programs.

Presenters: Prof. Andrew Campbell, Dr Mary Johnson, Anne “Shang” Fuentes, Clinton Muller, Andrea Mason, Rob Youl
Powerpoint slides: Building Global Sustainability Through Local Self-Reliance - Lessons From Landcare

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