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How Did the Bandicoot Cross the Road? 

29-08-2022 16:32

As a major tourist attraction in Victoria, the Cranbourne Gardens site of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (RBGV) boasts an invaluable living collection of Australian rare and threatened flora in a stunning horticultural display. But, the lure of such a unique tourist attraction to the visiting hoards, presents challenges at the wildlife-human interface. After several years of collecting roadkill data from the main visitor entry driveway, with a worryingly rising death toll, the RBGV began researching options for road ecology solutions to curb the ecological impact. Discovering that existing examples of small mammal road ecology in Australia was severely lacking, they embarked on a mission to pave the way for small mammals to cross the road with ease in Australia. This presentation provides a field-based, working case study into effective road ecology solutions for state and nation wide uptake.

Presenter: Tricia Stewart.
Powerpoint Slideshow: “How did the Bandicoot Cross the Road?”- Tackling the Road Ecology Conundrum.


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